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Competitor vs

Avail and Cozy both offer products that help landlords complete stages of the landlord journey. This software helps you find tenants, screen tenants, sign leases, collect rent, and manage maintenance. Read more

01 August 2019 Software

Accounting Rental Property Accounting - two tips you cannot do without

You must have two distinctly separate checking accounts (complete with debit cards and check books) for two rental properties. I make sure all income and expense items flow through the respective checking accounts. At year-end when it's tim... Read more

29 July 2019 Rent & Expenses


When the landlord agrees on a new tenant after conducting a credit & criminal check, he/she will accept the security deposit. Some landlords fail to collect a security deposit and I feel that is a huge mistake. The security deposit is used only fo... Read more

24 July 2019 Security Deposits

Screenings Screening Your Tenants — The Basics

Rental applications, while helpful, do not relay the whole story of a tenant. Falsehoods are too easily listed and manipulation of the truth can cost you thousands in the long run. This is where the Screening process comes in and where the informa... Read more

09 July 2019 Screening

Acctsm4 Rental property bookkeeping and why you need it.

Don’t fall prey to the trap! Here are five big reasons bookkeeping is essential to any rental property operation, and why a purpose-built, automated bookkeeping system beats Excel any day. Read more

02 June 2019 Rent & Expenses

Pm leaseze What is Leaseze

Leaseze really helps in everyday rental management. It's easy to list vacant units, screen applicants, move in tenants, receive and track payments, assign maintenance requests and keep everything organized. The support team is great. ... Leaseze r... Read more

03 April 2019 Software