Tenant Screening Services

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  • Credit screenings

    Credit screenings will tell all about the person's financial status including, but not limited to, credit. You'll be able to see how many bank accounts the person has open, how many credit card accounts are active, whether or not the person has any loans, and whether they are personal bank loans, school loans, or loans taken out to pay a mortgage. You'll also be able to see how long each account has been active for; the older the account, the better. This is not all you'll see; you'll also be able to see if the loans have a co-signers and how high their credit limit is. All of this information is geared toward helping a potential loan provider, credit card company, or potential landlord assess if the applicant is a risk.

  • Identity Verification

    SSN Alerts, License restrictions and endorsments, Birth date and full name verification

    Since a lot of criminal and civil cases are filed using only name and date of birth, it is crucial to make sure the applicant is using correct information. We will ensure that the SSN is validly issued and include any warnings when any of the following items don't match the application. The drivers license, or state ID, is also cross checked with state records to provide alerts for any suspended or revoked status.

  • Criminal Cases

    Criminal records not to be reported back more than 7 years from date of disposition, release or parole.

    National Felony, Misdemeanor and Sex Offender records. State driving violations and alerts for failure to appear in court.

  • Bankruptcy Filings

    Bankruptcy records not to be reported back more than 10 years from date of disposition.

    Case information includes debter status, chapter type, names of debtors, filing locations and date, fee status, etc.

  • Eviction and Unlawful Detainer

    Eviction records not to be reported back more than 7 years from date of disposition.

    Eviction records include address of unlawful detainer (when available) and amount of any monetary judgment.