About us

Most of our competitors like us were motivated as landlords to find a better way to manage our investment properties.

The old way with spreadsheets just never seemed right.

Independent landlords — who own the majority of rental units — didn’t have access to the same suite of tools that make it easy to manage their properties This impacted not only landlords, but also the tenants renting from them.

We at My Rental Management studied all the pain points and weaved a collection of solutions together seamlessly.

For us, we knew this service should be free. And that was the most challenging achievement.

With over 5 million landlords owning only one rental property, they had to find a free solution. And for the next 6 million landlords that owned 2-10 properties, this was just a nice bonus.

We at My Rental Management watched competitors charge money for their service and growth was limited. While a few, initially charged money and latter became free.

At My Rental Management we designed everything to remain free forever. That’s why our My Rental Management team aims to save landlords precious time by simplifying the rental process. And no, we are not a property management company.

Some of the landlord tasks just became obvious how they could complement each other, and now we achieved a “Landlord lifecycle” suite.

The nice thing about this is so much automation is linked from one pain point solution to another. So in the end the software does work for the landlord, as many tasks are on autopilot.

Our company remains to deliver a high value to our customers. As an example, we realized some of our customers may be elderly and therefore we offer white gloves service. So much of the work can be done for them by a property management virtual assistant.

Our product spans several domains. You will find myrentalmgmt.com and Leaseze.com.

For our customers the connection is invisible.

We hope you drop us a message and tell us how we can help you.