Fake Paystubs and Income Verification

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While surfing on Craigslist I see ads for paystubs. Someone or many are creating paystubs that are not real.

Ad states:

Pay Stubs — 1 for $35. 2 for $60. 3 or more $25 each
Landlord verification — Faxed $25. Verbal $30. Written $40
Employment offer letter — $25

Q: Why would someone want this?

A: To convince a landlord to rent them a home or apartment and use these fake paystubs as income verification.

This is very troublesome to read this blog article “8 Tips for How to Make Fake Pay Stubs“

Landlords must use more than one method to verify income as these new scams are dangerous for the due diligence step a landlord must take for every new rental applicant.

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