What is Leaseze

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Leaseze is a high-performance and competitive professional property management system utilized by property owners and landlords to streamline key aspects of running and managing their business which include vacancy listing and marketing, tenant screening, lease management, and rent payment collection.

Built with automated tools, Leaseze makes it simple for users to handle the entire landlord lifecycle. This property management solution allows them to track and handle maintenance requests without the need to leave their office. It also eases their burden when it comes to listing and advertising their vacancies, helping them reach more potential tenants. Background checks and credit evaluations are conducted on applying tenants as well.

Moreover, Leaseze replaces traditional lease management processes that are inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming. Without using a pen and paper, users will be able to generate contract agreements and have them easily accessed by tenants for review and signing. Last but not least, the solution lets them collect and track recurring rent payments from any location.

Overview of Leaseze benefits

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is one of the key features offered by Leaseze. In fact, the system digitizes this aspect of their rental property business so they can avoid losing tenants due to maintenance and repair issues. Leaseze enables landlords to immediately find out any maintenance and repair issues tenants are having. Tenants can send repair requests online and they can even include videos, photos, and any important details to describe the issues clearly. Landlords are given the ability to connect and coordinate with handy workers who will do the necessary repairs.

Find & Screen Tenants

Leaseze makes it easy for landlords to find and screen tenants. The property management system gives them the opportunity to post their rentals and vacancies on trusted and high-trafficked listing websites such as Zillow and HotPads. It also lets them add all the necessary information and content to their rental and vacancy listings in order to attract more potential tenants.

In terms of tenant screening, the system provides background checks and credit reports. This assists landlords in avoiding inviting and dealing with tenants that might not be financially capable or have a criminal record or bad rental history. Leaseze permits users to realize the possible legal repercussions potential tenants might bring once they accept them.

Digital Lease Management

The property management system is built with electronic document management capabilities that change how landlords create and manage rental lease agreements. With Leaseze, they no longer have to use pen and paper for creating lease documents. This is because they can generate these documents right straight within the system. Once they are done creating the lease documents, they can then share them with tenants for review and electronic signing.

What‘s great about this is that tenants can access the documents from any type of device. Given all these features, landlords don’t need to scan and print paper lease documents neither do they have to meet tenants face to face.

Rent Payment Collection

Rent payment collection is another great feature included in Leaseze. Landlords can configure recurring rent payments within the system. Moreover, they will be able to easily track rent payments, as the system consolidates all the payments in one place. When tenants have sent out their payments or failed to make payments on specific dates, notifications are automatically delivered to landlords via email. In addition, tenants can make rent payments via the ACH network.