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Screenings Screening Your Tenants — The Basics

Rental applications, while helpful, do not relay the whole story of a tenant. Falsehoods are too easily listed and manipulation of the truth can cost you thousands in the long run. This is where the Screening process comes in and where the informa... Read more

09 July 2019 Screening

Income Fake Paystubs and Income Verification

While surfing on Craigslist I see ads for paystubs. Someone or many are creating paystubs that are not real. Read more

04 February 2019 Screening

Eviction image Evictions and how to avoid them

Evictions are unfortunate and costly for everyone involved. They are long, expensive and frustrating. Whether you are evicting because of late payments or damage to the property, there are a few things you should know. Why people get evicted, how... Read more

20 November 2020 Screening

Income verify Verify Your Tenant Applicant’s Income The Right Way

Accelerate the income verification process by getting better more truthful data, faster. Whether you’re a property manager or landlord screening a tenant, play it safe. Read more

06 February 2019 Screening

Landlord verification Check Past Landlord References

Why You Should Call a Previous Landlord. References from past landlords may indicate how an applicant would occupy your property, and this information could help you avoid a bad outcome such as late rent payments Read more

05 February 2019 Screening

Squatters rights Landlords watch out for the serial squatter

Squatters' rights are legal allowances to occupy a property without the owner's permission, as long as they haven't been served an eviction notice. Read more

16 November 2017 Screening