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Landlord drive by Landlord Drive by Inspections

Drive-by Inspections. Landlords are allowed to drive by, walk by, or bicycle by their property anytime they like, but can't go on the property Read more

05 December 2017 Laws & Regulations Property Management

Myrental Landlords that own one property, what to do now

Rental properties provide a return on investment over time that can build wealth and allow for more opportunities in real estate investments. Read more

06 February 2018 Property Management

4unit Landlords that own a fourplex, what to do now

One of the best features of the fourplex is that it will generally cash flow better than one- to three-unit properties Read more

13 December 2018 Property Management

Cdc logo Eviction Moratorium - What can a landlord do

Landlords are getting squeezed between tenants and lenders. Small landlords are getting squeezed now that many tenants can't make rent, and that leaves them few options. Read more

11 November 2020 Property Management Rent & Expenses

2unit Landlords that own a duplex what to do now

Pros and Cons of Owner-Occupied Duplex Living · Shared Housing While most duplexes offer more privacy then apartment living, you do still share a yard Read more

09 May 2019 Property Management

Tenant moving in Prorated Rent Calculator

Prorated rent is the amount you charge a tenant for the number of days they occupy the unit, based on the monthly rent. Read more

09 January 2018 Leases & Legal Property Management