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Rental You Need a Rental Application

A rental application is your opportunity to start collecting detailed information about a prospective tenant. The point when you collect a rental application marks the first time things get put to paper. Everything before that is likely made up of... Read more

22 July 2019 Property Management

Screenings Screening Your Tenants — The Basics

Rental applications, while helpful, do not relay the whole story of a tenant. Falsehoods are too easily listed and manipulation of the truth can cost you thousands in the long run. This is where the Screening process comes in and where the informa... Read more

09 July 2019 Screening

Acctsm4 Rental property bookkeeping and why you need it.

Don’t fall prey to the trap! Here are five big reasons bookkeeping is essential to any rental property operation, and why a purpose-built, automated bookkeeping system beats Excel any day. Read more

02 June 2019 Rent & Expenses

2unit Landlords that own a duplex what to do now

Pros and Cons of Owner-Occupied Duplex Living · Shared Housing While most duplexes offer more privacy then apartment living, you do still share a yard Read more

09 May 2019 Property Management

Pm leaseze What is Leaseze

Leaseze really helps in everyday rental management. It's easy to list vacant units, screen applicants, move in tenants, receive and track payments, assign maintenance requests and keep everything organized. The support team is great. ... Leaseze r... Read more

03 April 2019 Software

Income verify Verify Your Tenant Applicant’s Income The Right Way

Accelerate the income verification process by getting better more truthful data, faster. Whether you’re a property manager or landlord screening a tenant, play it safe. Read more

06 February 2019 Screening

Landlord verification Check Past Landlord References

Why You Should Call a Previous Landlord. References from past landlords may indicate how an applicant would occupy your property, and this information could help you avoid a bad outcome such as late rent payments Read more

05 February 2019 Screening

Income Fake Paystubs and Income Verification

While surfing on Craigslist I see ads for paystubs. Someone or many are creating paystubs that are not real. Read more

04 February 2019 Screening


Landlords often impose a late fee when rent is even a few days late. But the size of the late fee is subject to legal limits, and in some situations it's not legal to impose one at all. Read more

03 February 2019 Property Management

Mistakes Rental property management mistakes

Property management is a complex job with lots of details . In order to keep your rental business running in the most productive and efficient way possible, it is important to keep these 5 common mistakes in mind and to do your best to avoid or re... Read more

11 January 2019 Property Management