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Peer to peer payments PAYMENT of RENT WITH VENMO, PAYPAL or ZELLE

Technology is constantly progressing to where managing daily tasks is moving online more and more each day. That’s no different when it comes to collecting rent on your rental properties each month. There are many reasons why utilizing an online r... Read more

01 January 2019 Property Management

New tenant Rental Property Tenant Onboarding

The tenant onboarding process is the tenant’s first impression of you as a landlord. This is where your tenant-landlord relationship will start. So, as a landlord, a good tenant relationship should be a priority. You want to show your tenants that... Read more

13 December 2018 Property Management

4unit Landlords that own a fourplex, what to do now

One of the best features of the fourplex is that it will generally cash flow better than one- to three-unit properties Read more

13 December 2018 Property Management

Accidental Many Landlords Are Accidental Landlords

Did you not intend to buy investment property but ending up in a situation where you can’t sell your home and also can’t afford the mortgage either? Read more

03 December 2018 Property Management

Auto tax deductions Landlords Deduct Rental Property Travel Expenses

Auto & Travel Expenses: Rental property owners may deduct auto and travel expenses if, and only if, you incur them by collecting rental income Read more

08 August 2018 Property Management Taxes

Advice Landlord to Landlord Advice

Being a landlord is a full-time job. From finding tenants to managing your property, learn what it takes to be a successful landlord. Read more

09 July 2018 Property Management

Remodel Five Ways to Remodel your Investment Property

With the cost of home ownership on the rise, more and more people are renting than ever before. But the younger crowd isn’t content with the status quo, and if you’d like to lease your property to the up-and-coming Millennials, it’s going to mean ... Read more

06 June 2018 Maintenance & Renovations

Myrental Landlords that own one property, what to do now

Rental properties provide a return on investment over time that can build wealth and allow for more opportunities in real estate investments. Read more

06 February 2018 Property Management

Tenant moving in Prorated Rent Calculator

Prorated rent is the amount you charge a tenant for the number of days they occupy the unit, based on the monthly rent. Read more

09 January 2018 Leases & Legal Property Management

Landlord drive by Landlord Drive by Inspections

Drive-by Inspections. Landlords are allowed to drive by, walk by, or bicycle by their property anytime they like, but can't go on the property Read more

05 December 2017 Laws & Regulations Property Management